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'I could benefit from another perspective.'

Insights ~ Inspiration ~ Ideas ~ Clarity ~ Direction

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gy from within

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'I could use some inspiration & support for my upcoming (team) meeting.'

Collaboration ~ Alignment ~ Engagement ~ Motivation ~ Teambuilding

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'I would like to add a creative solution to my mission.'

Campaigns ~ Concepts ~ Narratives ~ Visuals ~ Creative & Video Productions

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'I am just curious.'

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Know your values.
Improve your choices.


Tools designed to promote Values Driven initiatives.

In Essence

Strategic Creative Facilitation for original and impactful results. 

Sparks Visual is a strategic and creative mindset that promotes increased awareness in purpose and context to enable clarity on choices and improve decision making.

We tap into the power of intention, awareness about values, vision & context, creativity and visualisation for deeper insights, creative solutions, more engagement and flow in all our services. 

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Strategy from within

Values guided by Vision and embedded into Context.

Sparks Visual puts purpose into perspective, helping to make it meaningful and actionable.

We designed the Contextscanner© to support you, your team or organisation on any mission with a holistic and strategic frame of thought.


After all, a strategy based on the core pillars of your essence is more robust, makes more sense and, if backed up with willingness to act upon, increases trust and confidence in yourself and (from) others. 

Interactive Workshops

Creativity influences the attitude we take towards events.

Sparks Visual taps into the power of visualisation, creativity and flow to enhance valuable (group) insights on relevant themes and questions.

Our certified Lego® Serious Play® facilitators can turn your next Board meeting, Workshop or Teambuilding into a memorable experience. 

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Creative Concepts & Video Productions

From Vision to Visualization.

Values, Vision and Context not only help clarify the strategic course but also serve as rich ground for creative concepts and ideas.


We designed a process that strives for authenticity and collaborate with great creative minds & makers, keen to build upon your mission's essential pillars for unique creative productions.


Our collective imagination is the limit.

Success Stories

Some of our clients & what they share about us. 

One Spark has led to many opportunities so far. Connect to learn more about our clients' challenges and our strategic creative solutions.

'Story telling takes not only brain power, but also your hands!

We had Helene and Emanuele facilitate a Lego Serious Play session for our Annual Internal Communication Conference last year in Amsterdam. It was a huge success and brought everyone's creativity to the table.
I absolutely recommend Sparks Visual!'
Usha von Arx, Internal Communication Specialist

In practice: what you can expect

Sense-making and intuition go hand in hand.

 Sparks Visual pays attention to detail, respects cultural realities, appreciates both chaos and structure and tailors trajectories to the character of the challenge. 

Tap into a fusion of Strategy, Risk Management, Applied Psychology and Creativity for your next initiative and benefit from deeper insights, more clarity, (mutual) understanding, alignment, increased sense of ownership & responsibility.


Options: One on one sessions, group workshops and creative collaborations. 

Insights, Ideas & Inspiration

Ideas build upon ideas. 

Diversity enriches the perspective. Collaboration makes it flourish.

Explore our jewels of thought and recent initiatives. Feel free to connect and to

share your mind.


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feel free to reach out directly to our Strategist & Creative Facilitator Helene via:

+ 31 657558437 (Mo-Fr 10am-6pm CET)


Share your thoughts and questions by using our contact form. 

You will hear from us soon ✨

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