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What if...

It would only take a few key ingredients to get there? 

All our Workshops cover the following criteria:

* Linked to a learning goal.

* Active engagement from all participants.

* In tune with the skill level of participants for appropriate challenges. 

* Creative & fun.

Are you curious to take responsibility and learn through experience,

by doing?

A typical trajectory involves a:

Y(our) Workflow

SV_Sparks logo_dots.001 1.png

* Quick Scan: What are you looking for?

* Strategic Reflection: What will be the key theme depending on your context?

* Workshop design and execution: Let's engage!

* Summary incl. observations (optional)

* Photography/ Video documentation (optional)

SV_Sparks logo_dots.001 1.png


Sneak Peek behind the Workshops and Questions we've dealt with in the past.

Impressions from our very first own team workshop with 

Lego® Serious Play® in which we clarified our values and collective mission. 

Examples of client cases from previous years. 

Diversity enriches the Perspective.


Collaboration makes it flourish.

From small to big groups (45+ participants), from 2.5 hrs to full day experiences, we have completed wonderful Values & Visioning sessions, creative brainstorms and Impact Analysis in the past.

Get more inspiration for Workshop Themes with a valuable Strategy from within.

Learn everything you need to know about the wonderful Lego® Serious Play® method. 

Connect to learn more about your options.

Best wishes✨

Founder Portrait of Sparks Visual.
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