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Lean on our Interactive Workshops (with Lego® Seriousplay®) for
deeper Insights, 100% engagement & flow. 

What if...

There was a recipe for success?

All our Workshop Designs apply the following criteria: * Linked to a learning goal. * In tune with the skill level of participants for appropriate challenges & flow. * Visual * Creative & * Fun. Think of 'hands on thinking' by building metaphors with Lego bricks applying the Lego® SeriousPlay® method. Think beyond, and we are curious to hear your thoughts and support you in making it happen. Suitable for (co-)founders, teams or organisations to achieve alignment, foster team spirit and increase engagement through fun and meaningful experiences.

Are you curious to try?

group in a workshop with lego seriousplay

Relevant Themes

Insightful +

Interactive +


Workshop Designs

Engagement for

Collect inspiration

from our current Workshop portfolio

people in a workshop with lego seriousplay

Y(our) workflow

could look as follows:

* Quick Scan: What are you looking for?

* Strategic Reflection: What will be the key theme depending on your intention & context?

* Workshop design & execution: Let's engage!

* Summary incl. observations (optional)

* Photography/ Video documentation (optional)

Need more inspiration

for yourself, your team or organisation? 

Impressions from our team workshop with 
Lego® Serious Play® in which we clarified our values and defined our collective mission statement. 

A few example questions from the past.


… clarify what your team truly stands for. 
… wrap up your organisational purpose into a compelling manifesto.
… scan for your department's risks & opportunities.
… define your priorities for the next year.
… identify your (aspiring) impact on people & environment.
… re-design your processes to make them fit for future.


Listen to our clients’ experiences

'Story telling takes not only brain power, but also your hands!

We had Helene and Emanuele facilitate a Lego Serious Play session for our Annual Internal Communication Conference last year in Amsterdam. It was a huge success and brought everyone's creativity to the table.
I absolutely recommend Sparks Visual!'
Usha, Internal Communication Specialist

Diversity enriches the perspective.

Collaboration makes it flourish.

From small to big groups (45+ participants), from 2.5 hrs to full day experiences, we have completed wonderful Values & Visioning sessions, creative brainstorms and Impact Analysis in the past.

Get more inspiration for Workshop Themes with a valuable Strategy from within.

Connect to learn more about our pool of certified facilitators and your options.

And in case you are still hungry for knowledge, continue to learn more about the wonderful Lego® Serious Play® method.

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