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Know your values.
Improve your choices.

Integrity for Impact.  

Tools designed to promote values driven initiatives.


In Essence

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Strategic Creative Facilitation

Sparks Visual is a strategic creative mindset that promotes increased awareness in purpose and context to enable clarity on choices and improve decision making.

We promote a Strategy from within, design and facilitate engaging Workshops and collaborate for creative concepts & productions with impact.

Strategy from within

Sparks Visual puts purpose into perspective helping to make it meaningful and actionable.

We designed the Contextscanner© to support anyone on a mission with a holistic and strategic frame of thought. After all, a strategy based on the core pillars of your essence is more robust, makes more sense and, if backed up with willingness to act upon, increases trust and confidence in yourself and (from) others. 


Values guided by Vision and embedded into Context.

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Interactive Workshops

Creativity influences the attitude we take towards events

 Sparks Visual enhances strategic insights through creative and interactive engagements.   

We spot and build upon sparks through creative workshops and collaborations, inviting our participants to join and experience the creative process. 


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Creative Concepts & Video Productions

Be responsible for your own script and join the creative flow.

Values, Vision and Context not only help clarify the strategic course but also serve as rich ground for creative concepts and ideas.


We designed a process that strives for authenticity and have great makers for almost any budget on board. Our collective imagination is the limit.


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In practice: what you can expect

Sense-making and intuition combined.   

 Sparks Visual pays attention to detail, respects cultural realities, appreciates both chaos and structure and tailors trajectories to the character of the challenge. 

Practically, we apply short questionnaires, perform semi-structured interviews and offer thought provoking info decks or toolkits to trigger meaningful exchange throughout the *Values Driven Journey. We focus on flow and engagement in our interactive *Workshops. We involve creators and experts from different fields to design unique and essential *Creative Concepts &

*Video Productions.

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*Values Driven Journey

Navigating between past and future to make sense of the present, designing and  following a strategy from within.

Precious Stone

Strategic Reflection

Value Identification

Boundary-less Visioning

Mission Satements

Risk Profiling

Impact Analysis 


Action Planning

Purpose into

Short questionnaires and one on one sessions with our facilitators to support you on your journey. 

Think of Strategic Reflections to clarify your intentions, Values & Visioning to clarify your core, Mission Statements to embed your core into practical reality, Risk Profiling to define goals in tune with your nature and risk appetite, Impact Analysis to identify what matters along the way for clear  Priorities and Action Planning with focus.

Suitable for individual, group and organisational trajectories. 

Fill in our free  Quick Scan for first insights at a glance and connect for a tailor made proposal. 

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*Interactive Workshops 

Tapping into the minds and hearts of participants, using the power of experience based learning, storytelling and metaphors and ensuring 100% engagement.

Communication Tower

Core Theme Identification

Tailor made &


Workshop Solutions 

Engagement for drive.

Workshops designed to tackle relevant themes with the experience of flow, 100% engagement by all participants, and fun.

Think of 'hands on thinking' by building metaphors with Lego bricks applying the    Lego® SeriousPlay®  method.


Think beyond, and we are curious to hear your thoughts and support you in making it happen.

Suitable for (co-)founders, teams or organisations to achieve alignment, foster team building and increase engagement through fun and meaningful experiences.

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*Creative Concepts
*Video Productions

For ideas to be born and concepts to be designed or validated by purpose & context. 

Disjointed Triangle

Mindful Campaigns

Creative Concepts

Intuitive Scripting & Producing

Video Productions

Strategy for creativity for strategy...

Strategic Creative facilitation to bring your mission to the next level. 

Think of strategic validation of your ideas, creative collaboration for aligned concepts with your core and unique productions of any kind matching your essence and core identity.


Our  Creative Outlet  encourages you to be part of the creative process. We match your needs with suitable creators to come true to your essence. 


Suitable for anyone on a mission with the requirement  to spread the message and infect others with their ideas in an authentic way. 

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Insights, Ideas & Inspiration

Ideas build upon ideas. 

Diversity enriches the perspective. Collaboration makes it flourish.

Explore our jewels of thought and recent initiatives. Feel free to connect and to

share your mind.


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Some of our Clients

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And what they share about us. 

One Spark has led to many opportunities so far. Connect to learn more about our clients' challenges and our strategic creative solutions.

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'Story telling takes not only brain power, but also your hands!

We had Helene and Emanuele facilitate a Lego Serious Play session for our Annual Internal Communication Conference last year in Amsterdam. It was a huge success and brought everyone's creativity to the table.
I absolutely recommend Sparks Visual!'
Usha, Internal Communication Specialist
Founder Portrait of Sparks Visual.


Meet your Strategic Creative Facilitator

Does the content resonate with you? 


Check in with Helene to get all the info you might still be looking for.

Best Wishes✨ 

Your intentions challenged & clarified from
a holistic perspective.

Your intentions challenged & clarified from
a holistic perspective.

Your intentions challenged & clarified from
a holistic perspective.

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