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'Behind the Ideas'

Contextscanner© revealed

Learn everything about the framework, add it to your strategic thinking portfolio and become part of our collective mission: Integrity for Impact.

What if...

Your services would perfectly align with the overall strategy of your clients or the company you work for?

Too often, silo- and short term thinking impede with meaningful and long-lasting contributions.


Breaking these patterns is a tricky challenge and chances are high, that you might burn in trying so. 



As an 'external', you have the right to ask questions as it is part of your empathising phase and elementary to finding that sweet spot for the right campaign, design, script...

As an 'internal', you have the right to understand the bigger picture and to find meaning in your work. As a real advantage, differentiating between what you can influence, and what you can't, are life saving concepts to find balance and to navigate through complex structures and entities, especially when you like to care. 

The Contextscanner© is a wonderful tool that helps to gain a holistic and healthy perspective on current affairs. Top up your skills - portfolio with strategic thinking and learn how to engage in a meaningful conversation by asking the 'proper' questions.


Learn everything about:

 * the philosophy behind the framework

* Brand-, Risk- and Strategic Management Essentials

 * the structure

* definitions and key themes 

* how to define key questions

* examples of practical applications

+ toolkits 

The training format is flexible and can be held individually or in groups.

Contact us to brainstorm about best solutions together. 


After active participation we will provide you with a certificate of successful completion.


This will demonstrate your intention and willingness to try to live up to your values and enable you to actively subscribe to our collective mission:

integrity for impact. 


As a nice bonus, you can tap into the pool for assistance and collaboration for your projects.

Founder Portrait of Sparks Visual.

First step

Meet your Facilitator

Hi, I am Helene and I will be introducing you to the Ideas behind the framework. ​

My intention is to provide you with a useful methodology that can be applied both in private and professional context. 

I hold a Master of Science in Strategic Management with a minor in Brand Management, have spent almost a decade in big and complex organisations to learn about, apply and position Risk Management functions and departments and recently complemented my curriculum with a Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology. 


Anyways, all this info can be found on my Linkedin already so enough about me! What about you?


Drop me a note or get in touch to see how we can best leverage insights for your success!

Best wishes ✨


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