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Some of our Clients

and what they share about us. 

One Spark has led to many opportunities so far. Connect to learn more about our clients' challenges and our strategic creative solutions.



Individual Journeys / 'Sparks Sessions’  

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'New Album Identity vs. & and Artist Identity. Positioning from the core.'

'What's next?'

'Movie Script Revitalised: Why is the story in my belly?'

* Values & Visioning (1 x 2 hrs Sparks Session)

* Copy for Press Release/ Positioning

* Digital Marketing with Waterproofmedia

* Portrait Shoot with HPhotography

* Pool of Freelancers

* Strategic Reflection

* Full Values Driven Journey (3 x 2 hrs Sparks Sessions)

* Strategic Reflection

* Values & Visioning

* Mission Alignment 

* 1 x 4 hrs Sparks Session (incl. Lego® SeriousPlay®)

'Positive vibes and enthusiasm helped a lot on building my project !!!'


~Antonis Pratsinakis / Cellist & Composer

'Powerhouse of creativity and risk management! Would highly recommend, session with Helene helped me to connect even deeper with my values and align my goals with them. I look forward to the next one!'


~ Akshay Mahajan / Entrepreneur

'Sparks is a place where u feel heard and seen. It's your intentions and visions that are Helenes focus to help u come to the core of your idea, business and in my case even a movie script. The playful LEGO approach was a wonderful way to tap into the subconscious that helped a great deal to define my inner workings which then helped define the core of my screenplay. Thanks for that. Everyone should try it if you're searching something within yourself and potentially your business that you can't put your finger on :)'


~ Leonardo Cariglino / Filmmaker

Group Workshops (with Lego® SeriousPlay®) 

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'New global strategic agenda translated into regional priorities for next year.'

'New organisational structure. New Opportunities (& Threats)?'

'Let's design the communication ecosystem of the future.'

* Strategic Reflection

* Impact Analysis - Risks & Opportunities

* Team: 5 participants / 1 day / Lego® SeriousPlay® / 1 certified facilitator

* Prioritisation

* Strategic Reflection

* Impact Analysis - Risks & Opportunities

* Team: 3 x 45 participants / 1 day (3 x 2.5hrs) / incl. Lego® SeriousPlay® / 3 certified facilitators

* Prioritisation

* Event Documentation/ Photography & Videography

* Strategic Reflection

* Values & Visioning (Core team: 10 participants)

* Impact Analysis - Risks & Opportunities with extended team: 45 participants)

* 2.5hrs / incl. Lego® SeriousPlay® / 2 certified facilitators

* Prioritisation

'What a great experience to do with a team! Visualizing goals and the team mission with Lego bricks was an innovative experience. Absolutely recommend it!'


~ Angelique Wolf / Campaign Manager

'I was impressed with Sparks from the outset. Throughout the process of organising our workshops together, Helene always gave me the impression that everything was in-hand, that dependability and professionalism was so appreciated during a busy time. The event day went without a hitch, Sparks were extremely organised, and the outcomes of the highest quality. We are extremely impressed with the graphical content and insights shared. We won't hesitate to recomment Sparks or indeed work with them again. Thank you team!'


~ Sarah Crane / Employee Experience Expert

'Story telling takes not only brain power, but also your hands!'

We had Helene and Emanuele facilitate a Lego Serious Play session for our Annual Internal Communication Conference last year in Amsterdam. It was a huge success and brought everyone's creativity to the table.

I absolutely recommend Sparks Visual!'


~ Usha von Arx / Int. Communication Specialist

Creative Outlet/ Intuitive Scripting & Producing / Event Documentation

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Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 11.17.16.png

Intuitive Scripting & Producing

Intuitive Scripting & Producing

* Strategic Reflection 

* Intuitive Scripting & Producing

* Videography with Crave Creative

* Strategic Reflection 

* Intuitive Scripting & Producing

* Photography & Videography with Crave Creative

* Project Management website copy & development

Event Documentation

* Event Documentation 

* Photography with HPhotography

* Videography with Crave Creative

'Perhaps even better than expected or hoped, the preliminary discussion, implementation and delivery at a very professional and pleasant level. New clients approach me as if they already know me.'


Marcel Amstelveen/

'Many thanks for your time, the great questions and the professional way of putting everything where it belongs (vision, mission, strategy, values ​​etc..) Making a video about my mission and company was a great experience in addition to the beautiful result. The preliminary work with each other and the recordings were professional and fun. I only get positive comments about the video and my website. Highly recommended to work with them.'

~ Sylvia Duijm/

'I love the way you captured the energy of our events. As organiser I’d highly recommend working with you. Friendly, punctual, dedicated, and amazing results.'


~ Nathan de Groot/ Moderator

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