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Think Like a Designer

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Apply multiple #creative #design #methodologies in a step-by-step approach allowing your

team to build and develop several creative solutions together.

Do you have a long-term vision but have encountered roadblocks and unforeseen challenges preventing you from getting there? Maybe you don’t know where and how to get started?


‘Think like a designer’ was born out of the chaotic start of the pandemic. As companies were

suddenly obliged to work from home, new management solutions and the well-being of employees’

lack of work-life balance started to become a rising concern.

The top 5 major challenges companies were facing during the pandemic included:

*Adapting to change

*Novel working conditions



*Open communication

‘Think like a Designer’ was developed to enable management and staff from all levels of the

organisation to work together to develop solutions to improve their wellbeing and improve productivity, in a working-from-home scenario. Since then, the method has been used as a template to enable non-designers to work co-operatively to develop creative solutions, ranging from developing a start-up to finding solutions in academic research projects.

How it works

Finding solutions to non-tangible problems, especially when there are differing opinions can lead to

long discussions or arguments that don’t lead to resolution and prevent staff from being open. By

human nature, we tend to get behind ideas from our leaders or people we respect (or fear).

But what if there was a better way? How might we select the best ideas based on merit rather than

who is proposing them?

‘working together, alone. [...] There will be no discussion or distractions, all ideas will be anonymous and only the best ideas will move forward.'

The fundamental tenet of this methodology is the idea of ‘working together, alone’. This is when a

team of individuals from different levels of the organisation and departments focus on a specific

challenge together with the guidance of a facilitator. There will be no discussion or distractions, all

ideas will be anonymous and only the best ideas will move forward.

Within a short space of time you will:

*Identify your root cause issues from multiple perspectives

*Create a mass of creative solutions and build on each other’s ideas

*Select the most feasible solutions

*Evaluate your solutions based on KPIs, investment and maintenance metrics

Do I need to be 'creative'?

Just like running a business is not a solo effort, it requires a well-managed team with diverse

expertise. This approach was designed to provide a platform to share perspectives and insights to

introduce you to different ways of thinking. We will start slow and allow you to discover ideas at your own pace. As it is a completely anonymous process you will find yourself bravely thinking outside the box without consequence and building on each other’s ideas.

Creativity is simply a skill that is learned and exercised.

People often believe that they are not creative. We believe, creativity is simply a skill that is learned and exercised.

Sometimes, it just takes one spark to get the creative flow going.

Contact us to learn more about the approach and us and let's see what we can do for you.

Best Wishes,


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