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Context matters, a lot.

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

You set the intention, your context sets the parameters. Introducing the Contextscanner© for a value driven strategy from within.

What do Risk Management, Brand Management and Strategic Management have in common? Is growth and competition still the only key to success?

No context, no insights.

What do Risk Management, Brand Management and Strategic Management have in common?

First of all, they apply to all of us.

We might know them as processes and tools designed to raise awareness and guide decision making. They apply a holistic perspective (ideally). They serve an overarching and unified goal (ideally).

And, they are all context dependent (a fact).

Whether it is your mind, or...

Risk Management, intending to proactively and systematically identify and act upon 'risks' that may interfere with the achievement of your mission.

Strategic Management, which is essentially striving to increase your chances for success by understanding certain factors and scenarios that may influence the achievement of your mission.

Or let's say Brand Management, which is seeking an increased understanding of your self and your environment, topping up your existence with a clearly defined identity that your audience of choice can associate you with.

Understanding your context will allow you to better understand your 'risks', 'success factors', 'target audiences' and yourself.

​We designed the Contextscanner© to add a comprehensive perspective and facilitate strategic decision making for anyone on a mission.

Strategy from within.

The framework serves as a practical tool to guide individual and group entities through key questions and themes that as a whole can lead to more authentic, environmentally and socially responsible strategies. It encourages a holistic approach, places values and beliefs in combination with a vision (cf purpose) at the core, and facilitates the definition of priorities and actions based on scope and perspective of the entity embedded in its context by stimulating a more focussed identification and evaluation of relevant impact factors. The framework is used as a guideline for adapting a strategy that is connected to 'the core' (cf 'Strategy from within'). It consists of a range of key themes, which if acknowledged, clarified, aligned and acted upon can increase a sense of purpose, improve communication and collaboration. The framework is build upon the following principles :

  1. Increased awareness of values and beliefs triggers more meaningful and responsible actions.

  2. Consistency and communication are important ingredients for trust and psychological safety which in its' turn contribute to improved collaboration and overall wellbeing.

  3. The ultimate law of existence is cooperation, not competition.

Integrity for Impact

Our intention is to encourage more awareness on values and values driven initiatives, promoting integrity as an additional and relevant impact factor in decision making.

Who benefits?

This is for anyone who would like to: >>> Increase awareness and connection to the inner core for a greater sense of purpose >>> Be proactive in spotting and evaluating context relevant insights for clear priorities and improved focus >>> Ensure a transparent process for alignment and improved communication. We apply it for consistency checks, strategic validation or design of ideas, intuitive scripting and producing, workshops, webinars, collaborations and future leadership initiatives.

Strategic Reflection with Sparks.

As part of the Values Driven Journey and in context of the bigger picture, which we wrapped up in our Contextscanner©, we offer Strategic Reflections (with Lego® SeriousPlay®) for clarity on choices and improved decision making.

For you, your team or your organisation.

A strategic reflection can help trigger awareness on key elements that in their totality contribute to better insights, choices and decisions.

Understanding you, your dreams, your focus and your environment will enable you to apply a helicopter perspective on your mission from an external point of view AND provide us with rich and unique triggers for creative concepts.

We believe: win/win :)

Consider the #contextscanner a holistic meta-framework that helps to structure the conversation for a meaningful interaction.

Feel free to share thoughts or reach out to lean more.

Best wishes,

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