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I am an Industrial Design Engineering graduate. In a previous life, I used to be a neuroscientist. My evolution from science to design and engineering came as a result of an irresistible need for creativity, variety and problem-solving. I would describe myself as being curious, hands-on and self-driven. Two core values important to me are to be continuously learning and feedback. Surrounding myself with diverse views outside my comfort zone is when I feel like I learn the most, especially when these views oppose or challenge my perspectives.

I believe that design is the process of deeply understanding the users’ needs and then creating a product or service. Coming from a scientific background, the foundation of all of my design ventures stems from data-driven research. My main design focuses are on using the philosophy of human-centred design to guide all aspects of my research and design to align the needs of the end-users with the business goals of clients.

With Sparks, I leverage my skills in designing and facilitating workshop solutions that foster creative idea generation and problem solving, building upon the Contextscanner© and our clients' essential priorities.


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Ryan D'Souza

Ryan D'Souza


MSc | Industrial Design Engineering | Neuroscience

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