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In my professional career I supported organisations solve challenges related to the implementation, positioning and execution of risk management functions and practices. A beautiful challenge as Risk Management is a universal concept leaving room for many different interpretations and functionalities...

I eventually concluded that a function like Risk Management increases overall awareness of an organisation, in particular as it implies clarity of objectives which work as a reference for the evaluation of risks and opportunities.

Along the way, it struck me how overarching value frameworks with which I could identify always acted as a backbone to support my choices and decisions throughout my mission. They kept me going.

While maturing in my professional career, I got acquainted with the necessity to draw a line between my efforts for others and for myself. Concepts like boundaries, focus, priorities, empathy and communication were just as essential as the inner calling to express myself more freely and in a creative way. This is when I got acquainted with creative individuals who lived their passions, be it film, photography, music or dance.

Connecting the dots, I saw an opportunity in combining my background and experience with my beliefs and passions and here is the link to Sparks.

I am not inventing the wheel by offering workshops and strategic consulting services. It is also no news that visuals are so powerful because they speak to our minds and hearts. The combination of the two however leads me a step closer towards the following idea:

I envision a community within which people get infected to reflect and to connect to their inner spark. It is hard to find and maybe it will never become crystal clear throughout our life journey, but once we start looking for it we will open a little door inviting opportunities to enter. An open and transparent collaboration, where ideas build upon ideas, and people get sparked to operate and contribute to an empathetic and mutually supporting society with passion.

Since October 2019, I work as a freelancer with the intention to pass on my experience and support organisational learning, development and communication with purpose. Both my external consulting and internal management experience have equipped me with a handy tool kit that enables solid, pragmatic and sustainable potential solution thinking and execution in strong alignment with the organisations’ purpose. I am certified in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology and can set up tailor made workshops that tackle challenging questions in a fun and engaging way.


Founder | Strategist & Creative Facilitator

Helene Peters

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