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CASE | Intuitive Scripting & Producing

How a #strategic lens enabled an #intuitive approach to scripting and producing a company video, building upon the #essence of our client's business and inviting spontaneous ideas along the way.

How can we invite intuition to join the process of creation? Why would we?

From content to form

What if we had a good idea about what we would like to achieve, and were open to suggestions, but not exactly sure how to get there. Especially when the result is dependent on third party contributions. Perceiving strategy as a process can come in very handy when working in this scenario.

If we look at strategy from a process perspective (end - to end / input - throughput - output), and we imagine it starting with a vision and ending with an action step in a cyclical fashion (output = input), we could consider strategy as an opportunity for continuous refinement.

Invite sufficient information for intuition to flourish

Acknowledging the key themes falling under the realm of 'strategy' and embedding them into the context of the subject, or the idea, can serve as a basis to steer the interaction, including questioning, into a direction which invites sufficient information for intuition to flourish. A constant adaptation of the strategic parameters from vision to visualisation based on insights and ideas generated along the way, gives sense making and intuition a hand in hand approach. Maintaining structure and inviting creativity along the way.

The conscious mind is the creative mind. If we manage to increase sense-making by applying a holistic strategic lens to our projects, we increase our consciousness and ideas connected to the essence are more likely to be born.

Focus on the essence


The owner and inventor of the methodology ‘Boxing-therapy’ (‘Bokstherapie’) is in the process of updating his range of services and, in parallel, his online visual identity. For his website, he envisioned a few videos welcoming his visitors on a personal note. Introducing his service offers in a snapshot along with describing what Boxing-Therapy is about.


Before proposing a script for the production of his videos, we sensed that this task deserved a good understanding of the person behind the invention. We also saw an opportunity to combine the first video taken together with our client at his workshop location along with the primary interviews. This enabled both the client and us to gain a good insight of each other and the space.

*First takes for exploration; gathering of essential information and impressions of the client's most relevant aspects about his business - his essence and his context.

*Summary of essential pillars, with emphasis on intention, vision and values, objectives and context (Contextscanner©) and script proposal

*Second takes for adaptation and finalisation; focus on 'missing' elements of the story and building on shots from first round.

*First and second round edits, bridged by a client feedback loop

For the production we teamed up with Marlo from Crave Creative, a talented and multi skilled film maker who was key in the process as in light of the flexible and intuitive approach it requires a certain level of comfort performing on the go/ in the 'unknown', especially during the first exploration takes.

We applied semi structured interviews and put emphasis on close collaboration and management of expectations, as this approach also requires a healthy amount of trust into the process from all characters involved.


We gained a deep understanding about Boxing-therapy and our client's qualities and intentions behind the idea. We learned that it is all about a safe environment, connection, cooperation and trust which allow for deeper insights through movement and willingness to be by his clients. For the final video, we did not want to miss some dynamic shots that would simulate a real session and support the key concepts visually, hence we invited a potential client to join the process. We wanted to create a serious but light and inviting mood, leaving the audience of the website curious to learn more about the methodology.

Creative Outlet with Sparks Visual

Values, Vision and Context not only help clarify the strategic course but also serve as rich ground for creative concepts and ideas.

Our Contextscanner© helps to structure the conversation around you, your context and your intention to make sure creative concepts represent your essence. We have great film makers for almost any budget on board and offer #strategic #creative #facilitation from #vision to #visualisation.

Appreciate clear strategic parameters for more trustworthiness and no green/whitewashing.

For you, your team, initiative or organisation.

Let us know if this sounds like something for you.

Best wishes,


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