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Updated: Apr 20

Learn how creative #flow and #intuitive practice can benefit from a holistic and strategic lens to help keep track of the original intention. Discover how we applied our Contextscanner© in combination with the Lego® SeriousPlay® methodology to enable a deeper insight into the essence of a Film-Directors script for a movie.

Why is the story in my belly? What do I most like about it?

Tunnel vision

Sometimes we are so deeply and intensively involved with the details of our project that we tend to lose sight of the bigger picture.

Spending a repetitive amount of time on the same process or exercise certainly has its benefits: we practise, we learn and we get things done. If, on top of this, we are appropriately challenged with our task, we can switch to hyperfocus mode and experience the #creative #flow, where we forget about space and time and things appear to be getting completed almost miraculously. We embrace and encourage this #focus 100%, fully immersing in the moment. All senses engaged.

Getting out of the flow is like waking back to the another reality.

As all things come to an end eventually, this experience is also of 'limited' nature. Getting out of the flow is like waking back to another reality; A good moment for a break! Take a breather, and step aside to regain perspective. Sooner or later it’s time for a ‘reality check’ to make sure that our process is still on track with the original intention. Once we regain momentum it can work wonders. An external objective perspective and a few targeted questions can be key.

A novel's purpose revived


A Film-Director is in the process of polishing the script for his new movie. He receives support by a proof reader who eventually asks him the following two questions: Why is the story in his belly? What does he most like about it? Having been deeply involved in the script writing process, he approached us for some structure in finding the answers to these questions.


We performed a #QuickScan to spot relevant themes in the director's current context. This enabled a targeted approach: to summarise the essence of the novel, challenging him to understand why the novel is relevant to him and potentially to others:

* Identify Director's values

* Clarify his Vision & Mission for the novel

* Project Values, Vision & Mission on novel and protagonists to re-vive the essence and red-line of the script

We applied the Lego® SeriousPlay® to visualise his answers which pulled together the essential building blocks of his movie script.


We paid close attention to the fact this story is based on a very personal passion project. Hence, the focus of the approach was to primarily understand the director’s personal values to link these to his vision for the movie. This approach provided rich insights that enabled us to draw parallels to the story’s purpose, incl. the plot, environment and its characters. It also gave space to spot potential inconsistencies between the novel’s actual set up and content vs. the original intention.

A strategic reflection helps to gain assurance on original purpose. This can act as a gatekeeper for consistency, quality and integrity

Strategic Reflection with Sparks

In context of the bigger picture considering the values driven journey, which we wrapped up in the Contextscanner©, we offer structured #strategic reflections and validation for a variety of projects and initiatives.

For you, your team or your organisation.

Whether you are at the beginning, in the middle or almost at the final stage of the project or initiative, a strategic reflection helps to gain assurance on original purpose and can acting as a gatekeeper for consistency, quality and integrity.

In case you are looking for an external, objective and structured perspective on your mission, we recommend to trying our free #QuickScan online to get a feeling for the themes we cover or to reach out to Helene to brainstorm about the many options.

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