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Full Values Driven Journey (facilitated)

  • 18Steps


Prepare to embark on a comprehensive journey ✨ Your current scenery might look as follows: > 'time to think about next steps' > thinking 'there is probably more out there but: where to start?' > 'adding some meaning to 'it' would be nice' You might even experience the following sensations: > feeling bored, uninspired and/or stuck > unfocussed, overwhelmed, overworked > under pressure, anxious about many things, or even panicky... On this journey, you will learn how to find 'inspiration from within' and eventually to be your own trigger for sparks. Why would you do so? There are plenty of reasons, but the single most important for now is to unlock your potential for a new burst of energy in order to to start - or to continue - moving. Luckily, you are not on your own. Our facilitators will be happy to accompany you throughout 6 milestones: What, when & where will be discovered along the way. Welcome & Bon Voyage!

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