Reel: Cinematography by Artyom Zakharenko

From Vision to Visualization

You bring your mission, we bring our Contextscanner©. Scanning through all 'ingredients' for a successful campaign, we will agree on your priorities and next steps in no time. 


YOUR Initiative





Why Sparks Visual?


Our collective of fine minds and skills connects the dots between strategy, content and communication.

Imagine a one stop shop for expertise in Strategy, Risk Management, Personal Development & HR transformation, Art Direction, Digital Marketing, Design, Photography, Documentary, Film... and we did not tap into our extended network yet!

This broad range is your advantage for structured solutions, creative ideas and exceptional content to be born, tailored to your mission:


  • strategists, creatives and content makers collaborate

  • senior freelancers (7++ years of experience)

  • extended network

  • flat structures & direct communication lines: information captured and kept alive. 

Strategy | Workshops | Fieldwork | Co-Creation | Art Direction | Design | Illustrations | Photography | Documentary | Commercial | Production | Digital Marketing    



How it usually works

Our strategic creative facilitator will be the linking pin between you and our pool of freelancers. 

Step 1 We connect, exchange a few questions and listen carefully. 

Step 2 We tap into our pool of freelance experts and collect ideas.

Step 3 Any ideas appealing to you will be summarised in a proposal, incl. scope, team, budget & timeline.

Step 4 We agree.

Step 5 We deliver accordingly.

Step 6 We reflect and evaluate and learn from each other.


Our Mission

We promote value driven initiatives and essential communication thereof.

Basically, we ask individuals, project groups and organisations the what, how and why and challenge them to understand their choices from a deeper perspective.

We then support them in communicating it effectively.





We believe in the power of internal and external awareness about purpose and environment, in the power of the mind, visualization and that everyone has a unique story to tell.

We want to inspire people and organisations to tap into this power, take responsibility and shape their actions  for the greater wellbeing of people and society.


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