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Roy Disney

‘It's not hard to make decisions when you know what
your values are’ 

Activities designed to promote value driven initiatives.

Integrity for Impact.  

Sparks Visual is a strategic creative mindset that promotes increased awareness about purpose and context to enable clarity on choices for improved decision making.


Discover a simpel but




Interactions with Sparks Visual are fun, insightful and encouraging.  


Sparks Visual puts purpose into perspective and helps to make it meaningful and actionable.  


Insights, Ideas & Inspiration

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Abstract Paint

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Establish a Strategy to meet your own Values

Strategic Facilitation | Workshops | Creative Collaboration

We focus on the essence of your intention. Imagine a strategic approach to your mission. A structured perspective through which we enable clarity on your vision and seek for alignment with your values and your actions; Resulting in concrete purpose statements and priority based action plans. We collaborate with creatives who translate this awareness into effective creative concepts and communication experts who bring your visual identity to the next level of desired impact.

Our Signature

A value driven approach

All our activities require awareness about values and beliefs. If not clarified or streamlined yet, we can support you through interviews, questionnaires or deep dive workshops. This awareness acts as your inner compass and reference for evaluation and prioritisation regarding the next steps.


Consistency Check

Enabling focus and prioritisation

The key is consistency. Our interaction will raise insights into the areas that require most of your attention. Are your mission and vision statements clear and supported by your key stakeholders? Do you have a clear picture of your related objectives, risks and opportunities? Are you acting in line with your values? 

Visualizing Values

Workshops with Lego®SeriousPlay®


So far the most effective workshop format we have experienced. Alignment, surprising, insights, fun, 100% engagement, flow and visible results by building metaphors and stories with bricks. We are fine with traditional workshop formats, too.

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Smart Campaign

Strategy meets Creativity

We believe in synergies. Extend your strategic and value driven journey with the opportunity to design a purpose driven creative concept. Add unique content that appeals to your target audience. We have a broad network of creatives and experts and act as linking partner - for any budget.

Our Mission

We promote value driven initiatives and essential communication thereof.

Basically, we ask individuals, project groups and organisations the what, how and why and challenge them to understand their choices from a deeper perspective.

We then support them in communicating it effectively.




We believe in the power of internal and external awareness about purpose and context, in the power of the mind, visualisation and that everyone has a unique story to tell.

We want to inspire people and organisations to tap into this power, take responsibility and shape their actions  for the greater wellbeing of people and environment.

Start Your Journey

Curious? Drop a note with your thoughts here or have a look at our plans & pricing section for more info.


We'd love to hear from you

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