What sparks you?

One Spark. 

Diversity enriches the perspective. Collaboration flourishes it.

Infinite Opportunities.


Why Sparks?


Helene Peters, MSc

Strategic Creative Facilitator 

Risk Management Professional

What sparks you?

What sparks your team or your organisation?

Is there a recipe to increase chances for a 'right' choice?

Is expecting less really the key to happiness? Does it work for organisations?

How do you maintain balance throughout transformation?

These are the type of questions that keep me going on a professional level.


My current perspective: life is all about choices.


The key is to keep moving and to navigate along what we can influence and what we can acknowledge and observe.


The moment we raise awareness about ourself, our values and our vision, and embed them into the bigger picture of our context, choices will become more apparent. Our actions can be aligned to our core and we can practice consistency.


Transparency and consistency will increase trust into ourself and invite others to build trust towards us, too.


We can be our own inspiration for new and creative ideas. We are unique and our experience is like a riddle giving us hints towards our future course. A conscious interplay between us and our context.


Sparks Visual follows a strategic and value driven process to nurture opportunities and creative ideas.

Whether individuals seeking for a deeper understanding of their purpose, teams seeking for increased alignment on the future course or new awareness campaigns being in the making; A mission is a mission. Our framework helps to visualise the bigger picture, spot relevant themes and understand what is important to be considered along the way.


The Contextscanner© merges Strategic-, Risk- and Brand Management schools of thought with one distinctive touch: it encourages value based actions and a 'strategy from within'. Our interaction will increase awareness about the interconnectivity of relevant decision shaping factors - values at the core - and clarity on the intention which enables more mindful decision making.

The conscious mind is the creative mind. Hence, ideas will be born, in 100% of the cases so far at least :)

This works wonderfully for individual journeys but also for group- or organisational trajectories. 

Feel free to connect and we continue from there.

You will gain access to a strategic mindset, backed up with 7 years of experience in the field of risk management and shaped by various life experiences that will contribute with an intuitive perspective to your mission. As a bonus: direct access to a rich network of passionate professionals.

Best wishes ✨



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Join the Pool


So far, the pool consists of freelance writers, creative directors, cinematographers, photographers, digital marketing experts, systemic advisors and transformational learning specialists.

We scan for opportunities and design tailor made creative concepts and campaigns whenever we 'spot a spark', building upon each others experiences and ideas. 

We think both big and small.


Imagine unique awareness raising campaigns for themes like 'Health & Safety' or 'Risk Culture', including risk assessment workshops (with Lego), VR/AR training modules and professional video productions under one umbrella creative concept tailored to the organisational context.


Imagine also upcoming artists who appreciate a combination of branding, digital marketing and photography skills to help define and design their (online) artist identity.    

It is much fun and allows to explore topics of interests from diverse angles, sometimes even worlds.

Connect if you would like to collaborate or be considered for future projects. 

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Collective Mission

We promote value driven initiatives and essential communication thereof.

Basically, we ask individuals, project groups and organisations the what, how and why and challenge them to understand their choices from a deeper perspective.

We then support them in communicating it effectively.





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We believe in the power of internal and external awareness about purpose and context, in the power of the mind, visualisation and that everyone has a unique story to tell.

We want to inspire people and organisations to tap into this power, take responsibility and shape their actions  for the greater wellbeing of people and environment.



Thank you! Speak soon